I have been working out with Kathy for about two years.  She is a great trainer and working out with allowed me to avoid surgery on my torn rotator cuff.  I highly recommend her!

Two years ago, wanting to maximize my athletic potential, I went to Kathy Alcoba at Studio 57.. Kathy designed a specific program to increase my strength, flexibility and endurance, particularly for rock climbing. Not only did my climbing ability improve, but so did my overall well-being. After each workout, I noticed that I was completely exhilarated and perfectly spent too. Every athlete has pesky tweaks in their joints, and an additional benefit is the ability for these "tweaks" to soften and disappear over a very short time. Mine did!  I was a competitive gymnast in high-school and college, studied yoga and dance, therefore I have taken my share of classes. I have had many talented coaches, teachers and trainers, Kathy Alcoba ranks among the best, if not the best, I have ever known.


I had back, neck and shoulder injuries, so I was apprehensive about training in general. Kathy's methods and attention to detail have resulted in a significant improvement in my strength and mobility. After two years of weekly sessions, I have never left feeling injured--the result of Kathy's care and precision throughout each workout.

I love and appreciate her!

She is professional, very knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with.


This workout is essential and Kathy makes it a joy.


I’m two sizes smaller since I’ve been training with Kathy.

I’m 63 years old and since I’ve been working out with Kathy, I’ve never felt more comfortable or happier with my body.